RHB Places in City & County Christmas Tree Competition

Congratulations to the Royal Hawaiian Band and the team who built this year’s tree for the city’s annual Christmas tree competition. The trees are judged and displayed in Honolulu Hale for public viewing during the holiday season. The theme for the competition was “Shaka Santa’s Underwater Adventure” and the team from the Royal Hawaiian Band created a Spongebob Squarepants display titled “Shaka Santa catches a Concert.” This year the band won two awards for the display! It was the sole recipient of the Aloha Pacific FCU excellence award and it won 2nd place Best in Show as voted by fellow tree coordinators.

Thank you to the all the team members who made the RHB display a success!

RHB participants
Karla Meyers
Yoojin Cancio
Mike Baker
Eric Kop

Display set up assisted by
Jeri and Jeff Evans
Dennis Nagamine

Community volunteers
Mae Masuda-Kop
Lynn Ueshiro