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New Uniform in the Works

With every bandmaster of the Royal Hawaiian Band comes a new legacy of music and momentous occasions. Their tenure as bandmaster is highlighted with new musical works and significant concerts featuring the band, such as the historic trip made to Carengie Hall in 1988 or the recent 175th anniversary concert in 2011. Another part of each bandmaster's legacy is in the uniforms worn by the group. Pictures throughout this site show many of the uniforms worn over the years and we are proud to show that currently the process has begun to add another uniform to the collection. Here are band members Dennis Nagamine and Denby Dung along with our design team critiquing, selecting, and adjusting the design and color schemes of our new uniforms. Why the black and white picture? Well you didn't think we'd give away our design secrets that easily did you? Stay tuned for the finished product!

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