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Happy Retirement Bill Wiley

After 33 years of service, percussionist Bill Wiley retires from the Royal Hawaiian Band. He was a valued member of the percussion section and, as one of the band's staff arrangers, leaves behind a vast catalog of original and arranged compositions. Bill was an integral part of the band's educational concerts. He often narrated the concerts and was the voice of the band that introduced thousands of local children to the instruments of the band. He was also the captain who would lead the crowd and sing when the band would play Spongebob Squarepants at these concerts. He is known for his quick wit and is the band's foremost authority on the music of Leroy Anderson.

On Bill's final concert, the band performed two of his original compositions: The Irish Boys and Bob's Belgrade Buglers. The highlight of the program was Leroy Anderson's The Typewriter featuring Bill on the typewriter.

Aloha Bill! We will miss you, your music and your humor.

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